The future of Europe – Europe is your future! 

On February 27th and 28th 2023, two of our grade 9 students participated in an Erasmus+ online seminar called, ‘The future of Europe – Europe is your future! Pupils participation in democratic life.’ There were about 200 students with their teachers from all over Europe attending. The sessions were developed and run by the students and teachers. All students and teachers could make their own program and attend any session that interested them. Here is some information from our participants. 

Louisa attended sessions on travel, freedom of speech, the environment and clean living, and lowering the age limit of voting. “I found it important to spread awareness about these topics and I told my friends and family who also weren´t aware. I enjoyed the Barcamp a lot. I learned a lot from all the participants.”

Sofia also attended the session on lowering the age limit of voting, along with High School Students Long Term Exchanges, Art and Travelling, and UWC courses. “I liked the idea of a Barcamp a lot because you meet new people, can talk about things you are interested in, and can share new ideas. I also found that the basic mood was really open-minded.” 

The Barcamp was great for teachers, too. Ms MacPherson joined some sessions about Erasmus exchange opportunities and was thankful to have representatives from the Erasmus program there to answer questions. Teachers shared their contact information and we already have two new partners and are developing two exchange projects for the future. 

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